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Volume Global’s Pop-Up Studio: Leading the Way in Transportability, and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Pop-up studios are revolutionizing the film and television industry, providing productions with more location and production freedom. But what sets Volume Global’s pop-up studio apart from the rest?

Easy Transport and Assembly

Volume Global’s pop-up studio is a technological breakthrough in design. With the ability to transport and assemble a 20,000 sq ft studio anywhere in the world, this studio offers unparalleled versatility for productions of any size. Its 36ft clear span can house the company’s Volume Global LED wall, providing exceptional visual effects for any production. Custom designs and builds are also available for even more location and production freedom.


Volume Global’s pop-up studio offers an eco-friendly solution for productions. Its sustainable design helps decrease costs, locations, shoot times, and carbon footprint, making it a great option for environmentally conscious productions.

Remote Collaboration Studio

The pop-up studio is not just for on-location shoots. It can also be used as a remote collaboration studio, providing a safe and controlled environment for remote production. This is particularly useful in the current pandemic scenario, where remote collaboration is essential.

Exceptional Service and Support

The team at Volume Global provides continuous consulting and support for the operation and maintenance of the entire virtual production ecosystem. This ensures that the studio runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing production teams to focus on creating visually stunning content.


In conclusion, Volume Global’s pop-up studio leads the way in design, transportability, and eco-friendly solutions for the film and television industry. With the ability to customize designs and provide ongoing support, Volume Global’s pop-up studio is changing the game for productions of all sizes. Choose Volume Global’s pop-up studio for your next production and experience the difference for yourself.

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